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Aloha Kakou!

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Lesson Iwakaluakumakolu (23) - January 2009

This lesson continues the series of mele by Helen Desha Beamer. The beauty of the waterfalls and mountains while on a Big Island trip inspired her to write Na Kuahiwi 'Elima, which refers to the five mountains she saw: Mauna Kea, mauna Loa, Hualalai, Kohala on Hawai'i island, and Haleakala on Maui.

Na Kuahiwi 'Elima
Na_Kuahiwi_Elima.mp3 (2.7MB)

Lesson Iwakaluakumalua (22) - October 2008

This lesson continues the series of mele by Helen Desha Beamer. She wrote Ke Ali'i Hulu Mamo for Princess Kahanu. The brilliant yellow feathers of the mamo and the 'o'o refer poetically to the very high rank of the ali'i.

Ke Ali'i Hulu Mamo
Ke_Alii_Hulu_Mamo.mp3 (692K)
L22_Oct2008.pdf (480K) - October's Lesson as a PDF

Lesson Iwakaluakumakahi (21) - July 2008

Kimo Hula performed by Jesse Tinsley. Kimo Hula was written by Hellen D. Beamer for James "Kimo" Henderson and his lovely estate, Moanike'ala, in the uplands of Pi'ihonua above the town of Hilo.

Kimo Hula
Kimo_Hula.mp3 (3.1MB)
L21-July2008.pdf (120K) - July's Lesson as a PDF

Lesson Iwakalua (20) - April 2008

Here's a catchy song that's great for all year round - TGIF Hawaiian style! Paul Natto, DJ host from Las Vegas, wrote this on the slopes of St. Louis Heights.

It's Aloha Friday
AlohaFriday.mp3 (1.6MB)

Lesson 'Umikumaiwa (19) - February 2008

Our last mele ofour trip around the islands brings us to Oahu - The Gathering Place. This lively mele was composed in the 1930s to celebrate the installation of the first electric power geneating plan on the windward side. Kane'ohe is the largest of several communities along Kane'ohe Bay. Towering above are the 4000' Ka'olau Mountains that divide the island. In the Native language, kane'ohe is loosely translated as "Bamboo man."

Kaneohe1.mp3 (1.4MB) - featuring Allen Terhune on steel guitar.
Kaneohe2.mp3 (1.4MB) - featuring a vocal duet.
L19_April2008.pdf (120K) - April's Lesson as a PDF

Lesson 'Umikumawalu (18) - January 2008

Our tour around the islands takes us to a favorite destination - Hilo. This popular town has attracted missionaries, laborers, businesses, earthquakes and tidal waves! The rich cultural diversity of this Hawaiian plantation town resulted from the many ethnic groups that came as contract laborers.

Hilo March
HiloMarch.mp3 (1.2MB)

Lesson 'Umikumahiku (17) - October 2007

Known as the Forbidden Island, Ni'ihau is encapsulated in its own mystique of time and tradition. There are no airports, hotels, cars, or shopping centers here. The isolation encouraged by its owners has preserved its people from the ills and encumbrances of modern civilization.

Pupu o Ni'ihau
Niihau.wmv (1.4MB)
L17_Oct2007.pdf (112K) - October's Lesson as a PDF

Lesson 'Umikumaono (16) - July 2007

This mele was written in the early 1900s and celebrates Naue's verdant beauty. Many of the noted areas in this mele are tourist attractions today.

Nani Kaua'i
Nani_Kauai_16.mp3 (928K)
L16_July2007.pdf (145K) - July's Lesson as a PDF

Lesson 'Umikumalima (15) - May 2007

Kaho'olawe is the smallest of the 8 major islands, having been used at different times as a penal colony, ranch, forest reserve, and military training ground. This mele allows us to catch a glimpse of the proud island it once was with the cherished hinahina blossoms.

Kahoolawe_15.mp3 (841K)

Lesson 'Umikumaha (14) - March 2007

This mele tells of the peaceful beauty unique to the island of Lanai. Lanai City is the only city, and there are still no traffic lights! At the height of its pineapple production, Lanai produced 90% of the pineapples consumed in the United States.

He Manu Kikaha
He_Manu_Kikaha.mp3 (1.2MB)
L14_March2007.pdf (677K) - March's Lesson as a PDF

Lesson 'Umikumakolu (13) - January 2007

We continue with our trip around the islands. This mele celebrates Maui's first passenger train service in July 1879 and is still danced to today. It operated between the seaport town of Kahalui and the plantation town of Wailuku.

Ka'a Ahi Kahului
Kaa_Ahi_Kahului.mp3 (664K)
L13_January_2007.pdf (143K) - January's Lesson as PDF

Lesson 'Umikumalua (12) - November 2006

With this lesson, we'll be starting a trip around the islands and playing a song from each one. Our first stop is Moloka'i with the Moloka'i Waltz.

He Nani Ku Kilakila (Moloka'i Waltz)
He_Nani_Ku_Kilakila.mp3 (1MB)

Lesson 'Umikumakahi (11) - September 2006

This lesson shows how Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua is commonly played today. Notice how the song has changed from the early 1900s (see Lesson 10). Many older Hawaiian songs have typically evolved in a similar way. This month's lesson is courtesy of Sheryl Akaka who teaches music and slack key guitar at Highline Community College.

Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua
Pauoa_Liko_Ka_Lehua.mp3 (1.6MB)

Lesson 'Umi (10) - July 2006

Let's take a step back in time to the early 1900s to see how 'ukulele chords were annotated. This old version of Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua is from an old instruction book. It shows how this mele was sung at the time.

L10_July_2006.pdf - PDF Ukulele Lesson

Lesson 'Eiwa (9) - May 2006

Prince Ka'iulani was raised like a fairy tale princess. As a child, she lived in an enchanted Waikiki garden of huge banyan trees where peacocks roamed. Her birth was a cause for rejoicing in the family and in the nation, as she gave hope for continuation of the royal lineage.

He Inoa No Ka'iulani (A Name Song for Ka'iulani)
L09_May_2006.pdf - PDF Ukulele Lesson

Lesson Ewalu (8) - April 2006

Prince William Pitt Leleiohoku Kalahoolewa (1854-1877), was a prince of the Kingdom of Hawai'i and member of the reigning House of Kalakaua. He was the youngest brother of King David Kalakaua, Queen Lili'uokalani and Princess Miriam K. Likelike. An accomplished musician, he founded several royal choral societies that survive today including the Kawaiha'o Singing Club.

Aloha No Au I Ko Maka
Apr06_Aloha_No_Au_short.mp3 (Short Version) (883K)
Apr06_Aloha_No_Au_long.mp3 (Long Version) (1.7MB)
L08_April_2006.pdf - PDF Ukulele Lesson

Lesson Ehiku (7) - March 2006

Princess Likelike is perhaps the least recognized of the royal composers, but her compositions are enjoyed by wide audiences today.

Mar06_Ainahau.mp3 (986K)
L07_March_2006.pdf - PDF Ukulele Lesson

Lesson 'Eono (6) - February 2006

Queen Lili'oukalani was the most accomplished musician of her royal family. This hymn, Ke Aloha O Ka Haku, was written in March 1895 after she was imprisoned for alleged knowledge of a plot to return her to the throne.

Ke Aloha O Ka Haku
Feb06_Ke_Aloha_O_Ka_Haku.mp3 (1.2MB)
L06_February_2006.pdf - PDF Ukulele Lesson

Lesson 'Elima (5) - January 2006

This lesson begins a new series of songs from Na Lani 'Eha - The Royal Four. King David Kalakaua reigned over the Hawaiian Islands for 17 years. This month's lesson features one of his compositions, Koni Au I Ka Wai.

Koni Au I Ka Wai
Jan06_Koni_Au_I_Ka_Wai.mp3 (751K)
L05_January_2006.pdf - PDF Ukulele Lesson

Lesson 'Eha (4) - October 2005

This lesson features a song composed by Kamuela for na pua o Hawai'i.

Track 1 - Ela Makou
Oct05_Track01_ElaMakou.mp3 (744K)
L04_October_2005.pdf - PDF Ukulele Lesson

Lesson 'Ekolu (3) - July 2005

This lesson plays a traditional song, Pua Carnation by Charles King, and introduces a different style of strumming.

Track 1 - Pua Carnation
July05_Track01_Pua_Carnation.mp3 (1.5MB) - Play along with the song with a strum style that has a slight swing feel.
L03_July_2005.pdf - PDF Ukulele Lesson

Lesson 'Elua (2) - May 2005

May's Ukulele Lesson of the Month has a traditional Hawaiian song, Green Rose Hula, which introduces three new chords.

Track 1 - F chord
May05_Track01_F.mp3 (436K) - Finger and strum along with the F chord on your ukulele.
Track 2 - C7 chord
May05_Track02_C7.mp3 (384K) - Finger and strum along with the C7 chord on your ukulele.
Track 3 - Bb chord
May05_Track03_Bb.mp3 (484K) - Finger and strum along with the Bb chord on your ukulele.
Track 4 - Green Rose Hula (slow)
May05_Track04_Green_Rose_Hula_slow.mp3 (768K) - Play along with the music at a slower than usual tempo and concentrate on trying to make the chord changes smoothly.
Track 5 - Green Rose Hula (at tempo)
May05_Track05_Green_Rose_Hula_tempo.mp3 (984K) - Play along with the music at regular tempo speed.

Lesson 'Ekahi (1) - March 2005

March's Ukulele Lesson of the Month has the well known Hawaiian lullaby, Pupu Hinuhinu, which introduces three chords.

Track 1 - Tuning
Mar05_Track01_Tuning.mp3 (524K) - Tuning the ukulele to GCEA (My Dog Has Fleas).
Track 2 - G chord
Mar05_Track02_G.mp3 (212K) - Finger and strum along with the G chord on your ukulele.
Track 3 - D7 chord
Mar05_Track03_D7.mp3 (244K) - Finger and strum along with the D7 chord on your ukulele.
Track 4 - C chord
Mar05_Track04_C.mp3 (248K) - Finger and strum along with the C chord on your ukulele.
Track 5 - Pupu Hinuhinu
Mar05_Track05_Pupu_Hinuhinu.mp3 (560K) - Listen and play along to this well known Hawaiian lullaby.